Nutec Homes

After Lockdown Special: Pre-order a Nutec garden shed during May and get a free upgrade to "Premium Spec". This includes free concrete floor and aluminium windows.

Nutec- the perfect material for modern Wendy Houses.

Nutec is a man-made fiber board. It is made by mixing short fibers into a cement mixture, which is then compressed to form a sheet material. The resulting board is very strong and very durable, and can be treated like any other cement surface.

Looking for storage space? Highest quality storage units installed. Nutec will last a lifetime.

Garden Sheds

Tool Sheds


Storage Units


* watertight

* mold resistant


*low maintenance

Many options available

Whether you are building a full-size home, adding an extension or addition; want a garden shed, site office, guard hut, granny flat or Wendy house; be it temporary or permanent we have the exprience, personannel and know-how to deliver, on time and on budget.

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