Irrigation Systems

Signs you need to repair your irrigation systems.

The 4 Signs To Look For

Watershed on sidewalks and driveways
Have you noticed water collecting on your sidewalks or around your driveway? This can be a result of a sprinkler head that has been moved unintentionally and is now not providing lawn coverage.

Crooked or bubbling heads
If a sprinkler head in your lawn is not upright, it may have been knocked over. This can cause many issues from water coverage to puddling water.
If a sprinkler head is bubbling up, it may be a sign of a deeper issue. If you are seeing this in your yard, gives us a call and we can fix it!

Dips in yard, puddling water
This can be caused by one of the more alarming issues, a leak or broken pipe in your system. This will cause the water to soak the ground from the excess water. A leak is one of the main causes of a spike in your water bill. Another way we prevent excess watering is by installing a rain sensor. A rain sensor will keep your system from watering while it rains, preventing over watering and overall high cost of your water bill.

Dry patches of either cracked ground or dead grass
This can be a result of lack of coverage as well. It is almost guaranteed that if your system is overwatering one area, it is under watering another- leading to dry patches.

What can you do?
Breaks, leaks, and escalating water bills can be scary to see early in the year, don't wait to give us a call! We will send a trained technician out to evaluate your system and any issues you may be having. You've spent money on your lawn, irrigation, and watering bill. It may seem like an added and unnecessary cost to pay for system maintenance, but we can promise you it is not. Our customers have consistently seen lower water bills since having us maintain their system. By knowing what to check for and being able to fix it on the spot, we keep your system running efficiently. We want to help you maintain a beautiful lawn the whole summer with as few road-blocks as possible!